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True Perceptions, Inc.

P.O. Box 20826
Atlanta, GA 30320

Tel: 678.583.0401
Fax: 678.583.0402




"During our partnership with True Perceptions, we successfully built a solid infrastructure of systems, personnel and processes. When the economic downturn hit a large segment of our business in 2008, our infrastructure allowed us to develop other lines of investigation that eventually offset what we lost in the downturn. We are now back on a significant growth track with tremendous upside potential, and we look forward to a profitable 2010.

Without the systems and processes Diana Garren helped us put in place, we surely would have struggled mightily, or perhaps even gone out of business, like many others here in South Florida and across the country. I recommend any investigator or agency serious about growing and even thriving in difficult financial times to consider working with True Perceptions. The work is difficult, the process challenging, but the rewards are definite and the outcome positive."

- Mark Murnan,CLI, CFE / Founder
Complete Legal Investigations, Inc.


"When I first met Diana, I had initial intentions of simply re-making my website. We did that and boy, did I notice a change. Our website visits have increased 10% just this month and I’ve seen that visitors stay on the site more than three times longer than they did before the revisions (an important benchmark to me). I’ve also had very laudatory comments from visitors to the website. They noticed a change in perception (there’s that word again), not just a change in appearance. Since that initial journey I’ve come to rely heavily on Diana and her team for a variety of other projects; creating new marketing brochures, sales training for me and my staff, designing a conference display, creating marketing tools and our most recent undertaking: designing a sales campaign. Even though we have successfully completed several projects, I look at our relationship as ongoing. As a result I won’t speak about Diana’s help in the past tense. It’s ongoing and I fully expect it to continue. There are too many valuable things that she can bring to the table for me to ever think that we are finished. We continue to work on new ways to continue growing and I expect Diana to be a part of that growth."

- Michael J. West, CFE, CLEI, Director of Investigations
Arkansas Investigations


“I had been in business for four years and was beginning to feel the pain of uncontrolled growth, and the need to formalize our policies and procedures. We wanted to accommodate future growth and to maintain the high level of quality service we take pride in offering to our attorney/clients. We retained True Perceptions, Inc. to assist us in establishing appropriate business practices. The results have been nothing short of miraculous. Our revenue has almost doubled.”

- Mark Murnan,CLI, CFE / Founder
Complete Legal Investigations, Inc.


“During our initial work with Diana Garren of True Perceptions, we prepared written procedures for each job description, along with an employee manual.  The procedures have been invaluable when training new staff members.  It makes their job easier and keeps the quantity of questions to a minimum. The procedures have also allowed complete consistency in our work product because they set a standard for each task and designate the final outcome.  Our clients receive a consistent product and service for each task, which results in our clients’ complete confidence in our company. The employee manual has served an invaluable purpose because it puts in writing each policy and procedure that our company upholds. Having definitive standards for our company gives our staff a sense of security and confidence. This infrastructure to our business creates credibility for our company in the business world and also gives us, the owners, a tremendous sense of relief that we have these written standards available for our company’s operation and success. I would strongly recommend the services of Diana Garren and True Perceptions.  Diana’s expertise in business consulting is a tremendous benefit to any company.”

-Wendy E. Murnan, CP, FRP, LP
Complete Legal Investigations, Inc.


“Diana's profound professionalism is administered with courtesy and patience. At each opportunity, she has demonstrated a can-do attitude combined with an ethical fortitude second to none. Her education, training and delightful personality make her uniquely capable and valuable to any quality organization. I am certain, given the opportunity; she will demonstrate her ability to be an outstanding asset to any organization that hires her.”

- Eugene F. Ferraro, CPP, CFE, PCI, CEO/Founder
Business Controls, Inc., Colorado


“I personally use Diana's business consulting services and I highly recommend her. She does not use a cookie cutter approach. She works predominately with private investigators and attorneys and knows what is involved with the industry. She conducts trainings and speaking engagements throughout the United States. She works with you to determine where you currently are in your business and where it is you want to go. She is extremely pleasant to work with and is highly knowledgeable in marketing and sales. She has totally enlightened me on what I need to do to be successful in this business and why many investigators fail. Her services are reasonably priced and have been well worth every penny.”

-Stacy Flores / Principle
Advantage Investigations


“The most important benefit of working with True Perceptions is seeing my wife’s job and my job changing from being focused solely on the daily tasks to being more focused on the direction of the company. Our work with True Perceptions has set our company on a new path. Working with True Perceptions has really developed our company and given it a much stronger and more professional image in the industry than we had before. ” 

- Johnston and Dana Blakley / Founders
On Track Investigations, Inc.


“If you want to have success in your business, I wouldn’t hesitate to utilize the services of True Perceptions. They are very knowledgeable and I highly recommend True Perceptions for all your business needs.”

- Diane G. Roney, President/CEO
Transcribe-It, Inc.

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