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    The 6 Keys of Business Success: Identify

Client Testimonial

  1. 1: Assess
  2. 2: Identify
  3. 3: Strategize
  4. 4: Develop
  5. 5: Implement
  6. 6: Maintain

Identifying your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, target market and leading edge in the marketplace gives you knowledge.

Business owners who take the time to identify their target market, competition, the products/services they provide and their leading edge in their marketplace, are 97% more successful with their sales and marketing efforts.

Those who have not taken the time to identify these critical aspects of their business struggle to have a steady cash flow and continually worry about from where their next client is coming. Hitting a target that has not been identified is almost impossible. It would be like shooting darts with a blindfold on and expecting to hit the bull’s-eye. If the bull’s-eye was hit, it would be by sure luck. Operating a business with knowledge instead of luck greatly increases your odds of success.

A business must also identify its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to properly strategize their next business move. Identifying these four factors will greatly improve the future of a business. Knowledge is power!

When was the last time you took time to identify critical information for your business?

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On a regular basis you should identify the following:

  1. Target Market – It is critical to identify your target market and their needs. The better you know your market, the more proficiently you can craft your marketing message. This will also allow you to know which of your products /services are in the greatest demand.

  2. Competition–Without identifying your competition you will not know if your pricing is in line with the industry standard. You do not want to sell on price or you will price yourself out of business.

  3. Products/Services–You must identify your products/services (spacing) and the benefits they provide to your clients. Buyers buy benefits not products or services. Today’s buyer is looking to do business with professional and credible companies who consistently offer quality products and services. They will pay more for this consistency and quality. One of the biggest mistakes businesses make is when they try to be all things to all people.

  4. Strengths – It is important to identify your company’s strengths and play on those strengths.

  5. Weaknesses – Weaknesses that are properly identified can be turned into strengths with the right planning. Not identifying your weaknesses can cause credibility issues for your business. Once you loose credibility, it is very difficult to reclaim it.

  6. Opportunities – It is important to identify what opportunities are available to you. Knowing these opportunities gives you great insight when creating your business strategies and assists with growth and profitability.

  7. Threats – When you have identified the threats that surround your business, you can create strategies to eliminate those threats. If you do not take the time to identify threats to your business, therefore do nothing to eliminate them, they could greatly damage your business or put you out of business.

"I would like to commend you and your team for your outstanding service in designing our marketing materials and our website.

After our conversation we embarked on a multi-point plan to market our company to our niche security market. What impresses me the most as separated you from other companies we were considering was your multi-point strategy starting with a client survey and then continuing with a new logo and website design and marketing materials and printing; much of which was built from information our clients provided during the survey. Not only did the survey allow insight into our client’s perceptions of our company but allowed us to immediately improve areas identified by our clients and to incorporate their suggestions and additional services in our website design and marketing materials.

It is for this reason that I would like to thank your staff for a job well done and I do not hesitate to recommend True Perceptions – as your company truly delivers the true perception of a company."

– Rick Staly, M.S., F.B.I.N.A
Executive Vice President/MGMR

American Eagle Sentry, LLC.

“If you want to have success in your business, I wouldn’t hesitate to utilize the services of True Perceptions. After my initial consultation, I took their advice and began working with them exclusively on my business. They are very knowledgeable in taking what you bring to them and developing your business into something totally different …something you would never even have thought of. I highly recommend True Perceptions for all your business needs.”

- Diane G. Roney, President/CEO
Transcribe-It, Inc.

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