If you, your clients or someone you know has been scammed or nearly scammed, do not miss this informative and captivating presentation. You will learn identifiable Red Flags and the inner workings of the romance scam told by scammers themselves. You can use this first-hand insight and information to help your family and friends and provide an additional service to your clients.

Diana L. Garren was a victim of the romance scam, and she quickly realized that lack of education is the fuel that keeps this criminal fire burning out of control. Using her personal experience as a springboard, Diana dedicated two and a half years of her life gathering as much intelligence as possible to write two books, “Who Is the Real Man Behind the Screen?” and “Is it a Real Soldier Behind the Screen?”

Diana draws heavily from her chats with twenty-six scammers, three of whom revealed their real identities and became her inside sources. They taught her the inner workings of the romance scam and helped her navigate safely through her research.

To ensure the validity and reliability of her research, Diana took three distinct measures:

  • She did not reveal to anyone that she was working with multiple sources
  • She checked the information she received from each against the others
  • She spoke with several independent Nigerian sources who verified the information given her by the scammers

Further, when she needed investigative advice, Diana reached out to her certified fraud investigator clients.

Do not miss this compelling behind-the-scenes trip into the workings of the scamming world. It will truly educate you!

About the Author

Diana L Garren

Diana L Garren is the Founder and CEO of True Perceptions, Inc®, a business consulting and perception management firm based in the USA. For more than a decade she has consulted in the areas of business development, sales, marketing, branding, and perception management for investigative agencies, many of whom are fraud investigators, retired Law Enforcement, FBI, CIA and Secret Service, security companies, process serving companies, and attorneys.

Garren is widely regarded as a thought leader about the power of perception in every aspect of life. She is keenly discerning and dedicated to truth. Through her work with investigators Garren learns investigative skills and techniques, which she leveraged to gather facts for her two new books: “Who Is the Real Man Behind the Screen?” and “Is it a Real Soldier Behind the Screen?”

There are over 82 red flags listed in her books, live chats, emails, and text so people can follow the scams from beginning to end. The books are written in such a way the reader feels every emotion. Diana’s expertise will help you help your family, friends and client's protect their heart and money when online dating.

Diana is a well-known speaker throughout the United States. She is known for her sincerity, enthusiasm, and her no-nonsense approach. She speaks truth because she knows it is truth that makes a change. Diana can be reached at www.trueperceptions.com, www.dlgarren.com and www.silentvictimnomore.com

What Other Investigators Say

“Diana is undoubtedly the reigning expert on online dating scams. I’ve personally seen the effort and the diligence she has put into her books and there’s no one that has the insider knowledge that she possesses.  Over a decade of working with private investigators and attorneys has clearly resulted in a perseverance that's unmatched in this arena. She's not only captured the "how's" of the scammers’ trade, but she's also managed to get them to confide in her and divulge the elusive "why's". This is the unparalleled "how-to" book for investigators and fraud experts. TV  experts  claim to know how these scams work but Diana isn’t talking theory. This is practical (and personal) knowledge. You will learn much from her. Stay tuned, more secrets will be revealed in her other books on online dating scams.”

— Michael J. West, Criminologist and Certified Fraud Examiner, Arkansas

“Diana Garren has written a heart-wrenching story of a search for happiness gone awry, placing trust above all. This is a must read not only by those who search for relationships on the Internet but also for investigators called up to assist. Ms. Garren has written the definitive primer and pleads her case exceptionally well for due diligence to avoid a disastrous emotional roller coaster ride. Read it, learn from it or weep.”

— Jim Carino, Retired Special Agent AFOSI & Founder & Executive Director Emeritus, Intellenet, Pennsylvania

“It is estimated that as many as 58% of women and 48% of men in the United States engage in online  dating. Diana Garren’s book, “Who is the Man behind the Screen?” should be mandatory reading for every single one of these dating site clients. Not only that, but every investigator in the country who has ever dealt with one of these dating scams owes it to their clients to be familiar with the tell-tale signs that a scam is being or about to be committed. 

To those who have fallen victim to such a crime in the past, you will see from this book that you are not alone. To those who may unwittingly engage with an online fraudster in the future – commit the invaluable real-life information to memory and refuse to be a victim.

Diana has herself stepped into the light in order to reveal the scammers’ “tricks of the trade.” While most others would rather stay silent and not let it be known that they themselves had been swindled, Diana courageously bares her soul and shares with us the way in which she was used. In much the same way as “Penn and Teller” have become infamous for revealing magicians’ secrets, she takes us by the hand and navigates us through the inner working of an online scammer. She methodically penetrates well constructed webs of deceit and strips away layer by layer of subterfuge, until the criminal is left shivering and unprotected in the cold light of day.”              

John Sexton, CII, CST – President, Council of International Investigators and Author of; “How to make a Killing as a Bodyguard”. Washington, DC