Changing the Game of Business to Increase Profits

You do not want to miss this dynamic presentation. You will know what is needed to not only survive but thrive in today’s economy. This presentation will help you understand what to focus on to increase profits, even in the current economy. You will be provided tools that will change the course of your business. You will learn how to become an owner of a business who provides investigative services and the importance of working on your business instead of just in it. You will gain insight into your market, what they look for in a PI, how they hire a PI, and what they expect once they are your client. You will learn what is needed to be able to grow your business. You will learn how to create effective sales and marketing tools and strategies to gain more business from your current clients and gain new clients.


About the Presenter

Diana L Garren
Founder and CEO/President of True Perceptions, Inc®, Business Strategist, Consultant, Transformational Speaker, Author, Founder and CEO/President of True Perceptions, Inc.®

Diana is the Founder and CEO/President of True Perceptions, Inc®, an Atlanta based business consulting firm. Diana has over 27 years of success in helping companies achieve their goals, improve their image, increase productivity and significantly increase their bottom line. For almost a decade Diana has consulted investigative agencies, security companies, process serving companies, and attorneys in the areas of business development, sales, marketing, branding, and perception management. 

Diana has built a sterling reputation for saving her clients money and making them profitable! True Perceptions offers an unparalleled combination of insider insight and outsider objectivity. Diana and her team work across industries and surveyed over 1000 attorneys and 500 businesses. This has provided them inside information about your market, what they look for and how to penetrate it effectively. Diana uses this information to help her clients assess, identify, define, strategize, develop, and implement all the pieces a business needs to succeed in today’s demanding marketplace and fast-changing world. Client after satisfied client praises Diana for her ability to help them accomplish their vision. Diana knows your market and provides a wealth of information to her audience that helps them take their business to the next level. If you want to substantially grow your business, you do not want to miss this seminar.

Diana is known for her sincerity, enthusiasm, and her no-nonsense approach to building and implementing internal procedures and systems and external sales, marketing and branding that cultivates growth, credibility, and longevity.  Visit her website at

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Atlanta, GA

What Other Investigators Say About This Presentation:

“It was at the 2012 International Conference of Investigative Associations (ICIA) conference in San Antonio, Texas that I attended the eight hour paid seminar that Ms. Garren taught. This seminar was packed with valuable information that I had never heard before, and I needed to take my business to the next level. It was money well spent! If you ever have the opportunity to attend Ms. Garren’s seminar, I highly recommend that you do.

I had been in business since 1999, and by the time I met Ms. Garren I had spent a lot of money that didn’t yield much return on investment. While in the seminar, I realized Ms. Garren and her company, True Perceptions, could help me achieve the vision I had for my business. Shortly after attending the seminar, I hired True Perceptions. Ms. Garren listened carefully and took me through a process to identify many key factors of my business and my markets. Then, she provided me a step by step roadmap. Ms. Garren does not provide “cookie cutter” answers and solutions. She tailors a step by step roadmap for your business needs….
We no longer have large dips in revenue like we once did…I no longer get phone calls that waste my time with people price shopping; the people who call are serious and want a professional agency and don’t have a problem paying for our service. The only thing I wish is that I knew about True Perceptions years ago. I would have saved a lot of money and my business would have been further ahead. True Perceptions provides a return on investment.

If you are SERIOUS about taking your business to the next level, I highly recommend Diana Garren and her team at True Perceptions.”

- Claude Bookout
Founder/CEO/Chief Investigator
United International Investigations
Austin, Texas

“I heard Diana Garren speak during last year's FALI/FASCO conference in Orlando. After listening to her presentation which focused on "It’s easier to keep a client, than get one" we hired True Perceptions to conduct a client survey, redesign our logo and branding, website, brochures, and marketing strategy. Diana takes a personal interest in her clients. The result of our work together provided our company with a brand and a website that rivaled if not surpassed some of the biggest security companies in America. Phase two of the branding effort was with an e-newsletter and e-card to provide information to our clients but more importantly to keep our name and brand in front of our clients.

We always found Diana and her team to be responsive and professional. Within a few years of starting and growing our company and using True Perceptions we were able to sell our company for a seven figure price.
I highly recommend Diana Garren and her team at True Perceptions. "

- Rick Staly , Executive Vice President/MGMBR (Retired) American Eagle Sentry, LLC

“Diana’s presentation was enlightening and encouraging...after hearing her speak at a local FALI meeting, we retained her services. Diana has been instrumental in the success of our own business, as our revenues and client list has increased substantially as a direct result of her expertise. This lady knows what she’s doing!

- Mark Murnan,CLI, CFE / Founder
Complete Legal Investigations, Inc.