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Allow us to help you gain clarity and keep you accountable in setting and achieving proactive goals that will catapult your business to the next level.  

Business coaching helps you gain clarity, set proactive goals, and achieve those goals. Business coaching also helps you identify, absorb and integrate missing business disciplines that include consistency and regularly assessing and planning. Once they have been integrated, you will be able to more effectively handle short-term problems and achieve long-term success. Business coaching helps you gain control of your business and provides you the accountability needed to start or complete the tasks that will catapult you and your business to the next level. 

People usually accomplish what they promise others they will do. However, many times they do not get their own tasks accomplished because they put what they need to do last. These tasks then go from one to-do list to another, and sometimes these unattended-to tasks are even forgotten about and never get done. Does this sound familiar?

There are many reasons for this, and one of them is fear. Fear can be paralyzing. Many times, it is fear that stops you. A coach has the ability to uncover your fears and help you move through them.

“Many of our fears are tissue-paper-thin, and a single
courageous step would carry us clear through them.”
                                                       -Brendan Francis

A coach can also be your partner in accountability. Accountability is often the deciding factor between failure and success. When important tasks remain undone, you may feel like a failure, and become discouraged or even overwhelmed. When you accept accountability, you will accomplish the tasks before you. You will feel successful and free, and you will be encouraged to accomplish even more. Momentum will build and you will move forward. Yes, you will.

You stand the best chance of achieving your goals and living a life you love when you have focus, honest feedback, and accountability. All True Perceptions coaching sessions are conducted in a thoughtful and completely confidential manner, allowing you to be totally honest so you can get to the heart of the issues that stand in your way.

Is a Business Coach What You Need?

  1. Are you tired of things not working?
  2. Are you ready to change what’s not working?
  3. Are you unsure what to do next?
  4. Are you ready to look at your fears?
  5. Are you ready to be honest with yourself?
  6. Do you need accountability to get to the next level?

During your coaching sessions, you will:

  • Gain clarity
  • Identify what you really want
  • Uncover what is stopping you
  • Set goals
  • Map out a strategy to achieve your goals
  • Become proactive
  • Identify self defeating behaviors
  • Reduce your stress level
  • Experience personal and business growth
  • Experience positive change

As your business coach, we are committed to your success.

We will:

  • Encourage you
  • Be supportive of you
  • Challenge you to achieve greatness
  • Address any self-defeating behaviors that are holding you back
  • Keep everything you say in complete confidence

We will be:

  • Totally honest with you (Only truth sets one free)
  • A reliable support system
  • Your accountability partner



30-minute session three times a month - $300 a month
($250 a month with a commitment of one-year)

60-minute session three times a month - $600 a month
($500 a month with a commitment of one-year)

90-minute session three times a month - $900 a month
($750 a month with a commitment of one-year)

If you are looking for support in achieving your goals, call us at 678-583-0401 or e-mail us for a FREE one-hour, no risk, no obligation coaching session to see if True Perceptions business coaching is a good fit for you.

“I am now ready for the next step and having Ms. Garren by my side coaching me on will only continue to enhance the greatness I have achieved by developing a clear and consistent image for my company.”

-Diane G. Roney, President/CEO
Transcribe-It, Inc.

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