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Client Testimonial


How your clients perceive your business will create your reality.

In today’s volatile business environment, you cannot afford to lose a single client. Therefore, it is vital that you learn the perceptions of your clients. You want to learn what they see as far as your strengths and weaknesses, where you are meeting their needs, and where you are falling short. Business relationships are complex. Your customer's view of your work product and services, pricing and how well you are meeting their needs, as well as your relationship, is critical to your company’s success.

Benefits of a Customer Survey

A customer survey identifies the factors that enhance customer relationships, customer loyalty, and increases sales. It shows your customers you care about their satisfaction and that you are a company that does all it can to improve. It gives your customers a feeling of being valued.

A customer survey provides you valuable data in which you can set both short-term and long-term goals. It allows you to measure your performance and market more effectively along with providing you critical operational and strategic advantages over your competition.

A customer survey helps you get to the heart of these critical relationships in a way that helps enhance customer satisfaction. It moves your business forward and directly affects your growth and profitability. It gives you knowledge of how you are perceived by your market. Their perception is what really counts!

The Most Effective Type of Survey

The best way to gain this knowledge is by a third party, confidential customer survey conducted by telephone by an expert who will take great care in how they conduct the survey to insure your customer feels valued during the process. Your client will always divulge more truthful information anonymously with a third party than they would directly to you.

Conducting a customer survey over the telephone allows your clients the opportunity to expand on their answers. A written survey done through the mail or e-mail yields fewer responses and many times the options provided are not what your client really wants to say, so they will choose the closest answer available or leave it blank, which does not give you a true reading, therefore giving you very little accurate insight.

Studies Show

A study conducted by the Technical Assistance Research Program (TARP), in Washington D.C. shows that most consumers will not complain to management if something is wrong. The average customer will tell between 9-15 friends about their bad experience. Some 13% will tell more than 20 people but you will never know. More than two out of three customers will never come back. But, 95% of dissatisfied customers will return if their problem is solved quickly and with care, because they know mistakes happen, but they felt valued. A customer survey makes your customer feel valued and gives your customer the opportunity to share things about your company that otherwise you will never know. 

How Often You Should Conduct Customer Surveys

Ideally, a customer survey should be conducted every six months, no less than once a year. If surveys are done on a more frequent basis, they could irritate your customers instead of making them feel valued.

Why You Should Choose True Perceptions, Inc. ® To Conduct Your Surveys

Who better than True Perceptions, Inc. to conduct your customer surveys? We are perception management specialists who take the time to understand your business, and know what you are trying to achieve. We are experts in eliciting information from your clients while making them feel valued, as well as making them feel good about your company and the survey process. Throughout the survey, we soft sell your company, and let your customer know how this survey will allow you to provide them the best work product and customer service that meets their needs.

The Following is Included in True Perceptions Survey Service:

  1. One-hour phone consultation to determine your purpose of the survey, and identify the specific information you want addressed in the survey and how many clients you want surveyed (Recommended no less than 20% of your clients base).
  2. Creation of survey questions that will address your purpose and identify the specific information you want to learn.
  3. Development of survey script and pre-letter to be sent to clients prior to survey.
  4. Telephone survey conducted .
  5. Generated report of all data collected.
  6. Generated report that will identify your company’s strengths, weaknesses, and areas of opportunity for improvement.
  7. One-hour phone session to review all data and discuss recommended changes.
  8. One-hour strategic planning session via the telephone to identify your best ways to implement needed changes.
  9. Creation of thank you letter to be sent to your clients.



Survey costs are almost entirely in terms of man-hours. We estimate the hours needed for the
various tasks, multiply the hours by our billable rate—which includes overhead costs and
materials—the sum of which is the total cost.

There is no set fee for this service because it depends on how many clients you want surveyed.
To obtain a price quote, please call us at 678-583-0401 or e-mail us so we can learn your needs and provide you a proposal.

"I would like to commend you and your team for your outstanding service in designing our marketing materials and our website.

After our conversation we embarked on a multi-point plan to market our company to our niche security market. What impresses me the most as separated you from other companies we were considering was your multi-point strategy starting with a client survey and then continuing with a new logo and website design and marketing materials and printing; much of which was built from information our clients provided during the survey. Not only did the survey allow insight into our client’s perceptions of our company but allowed us to immediately improve areas identified by our clients and to incorporate their suggestions and additional services in our website design and marketing materials.

It is for this reason that I would like to thank your staff for a job well done and I do not hesitate to recommend True Perceptions – as your company truly delivers the true perception of a company."

– Rick Staly, M.S., F.B.I.N.A
Executive Vice President/MGMR

American Eagle Sentry, LLC.

"Personally, Diana is diligent, focused, and motivated. At times, we were overwhelmed with the magnitude of the tasks we were undertaking, but on every contact, Diana was able keep our feet firmly grounded while helping us clear our vision for what we were trying to accomplish. We owe her a great debt of gratitude that far exceeds the fees paid to True Perceptions. She has made us not just better business owners, but better people in the process. We are grateful to her and highly recommend her to you. She is currently working with at least one other agency in our area. who is also experiencing similar growth and results."

- Mark Murnan,CLI, CFE / Founder
Complete Legal Investigations, Inc.

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