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Learning Your Employee’s thoughts will reduce turnover and increase your profits.

Your company is only as good as its employees. Extensive research proves that committed and loyal employees have a direct impact on your company’s performance and profitability. Employee turnover greatly reduces your bottom line profits and can create inconsistencies in your work product and service to your clients.

When your employees believe they have a voice that carries influence, it deepens their commitment to your organization and encourages a continuous, positive dialogue. This dialogue ensures that even when issues arise, the impact of employee satisfaction is dramatically reduced because they sense that their feelings and needs are being heard and therefore considered.

Benefits of Employee Satisfaction Surveys

An employee’s satisfaction survey allows you to:

  • Keep your finger on the pulse of your employees and market (they know what is happening on the front line)
  • Obtain feedback and respond to your employees needs, ideas and suggestions
  • Have a higher employee retention rate
  • Have lower absenteeism
  • Improve productivity
  • Have better employee moral
  • Provide better customer service
  • Have consistency in your work product
  • Have higher profitability

The Most Effective Type of Survey

The best way to gain this knowledge is by using a third party to conduct a confidential employee satisfaction survey over the phone. One who is an expert, and who will take great care in how they conduct the survey to insure your employee feels valued during the process. Your employee will always divulge more truthful information anonymously with a third party than they would directly to you.

Conducting an employee satisfaction survey over the telephone allows your employees the opportunity to expand on their answers. A survey done through e-mail yields less information because many times the options provided are not what your employee really wants to say, so they will choose the closest answer available or leave it blank, which does not give you a true reading, therefore giving you very little accurate insight.

Studies Show

The relationship between employee attitudes and financial performance was demonstrated in a landmark study conducted by psychologist Benjamin Schneider and his colleagues. In this study, published in the Journal of Applied Psychology, employee attitude data collected from over 35 companies over an eight-year period was analyzed. The data was analyzed at the organizational level against financial return and market performance using lagged analyses. This type of statistical analysis enables the exploration of priority in likely causal ordering. The scientists found that employee attitudes are a predictive and causal factor of financial performance.

In another study conducted by Daniel Denison the relationship between employee attitudes and organizational performance was measured in 34 publicly held firms. Data from five successive years showed that employee attitudes had a direct relationship with financial performance. One finding showed that those organizations in which employees reported an emphasis was placed on human resources had superior financial performance. Denison’s study also revealed that organizations in which employees reported higher levels of participative decision-making practices showed initial advantages and their financial performance relative to their competitors steadily increased over the five years. Studies such as those conducted by Schneider, Denison, and others, provide evidence that aggregated employee attitudes are related to organizational financial performance.

How Often You Should Conduct Employee Satisfaction Surveys

Ideally, an employee satisfaction survey should be conducted every six months, no less than once a year.

Why You Should Choose True Perceptions, Inc.® To Conduct Your Surveys

Who better than True Perceptions, Inc. to conduct your customer surveys? We are perception management specialists who take the time to understand your business, and know what you are trying to achieve. We are experts in eliciting information from your employees while making them feel good about your company and the survey process. Throughout the survey, we reiterate how valued they are to your company and that, their voice and suggestions are wanted and heard and that you want to meet their needs.

The Following is Included in True Perceptions Survey Service:

  1. One-hour phone consultation to determine your purpose of the survey, and identify the specific information you want addressed, and how many employees you want surveyed.
  2. Creation of survey questions that will address your purpose and identify the specific information you want to learn.
  3. Development of survey script and pre-letter to be sent to employees prior to survey.
  4. Telephone survey conducted.
  5. Generated report of all data collected.
  6. Generated report that identifies your company’s strengths, weaknesses, and areas of opportunity for improvement available to you.
  7. One-hour phone session to review all data and discuss recommended changes.
  8. One-hour strategic planning session via telephone to identify your best ways to implement needed changes.
  9. Creation of thank you letter to be sent to your employees.



Survey costs are almost entirely in terms of man-hours. We estimate the hours needed for the
various tasks, multiply the hours by our billable rate—which includes overhead costs and
materials—the sum of which is the total cost.

There is no set fee for this service because it depends on how many employees you want surveyed.
To obtain a price quote, please call us at 678-583-0401 or e-mail us so we can learn your needs and provide you a proposal.

"Always treat your employees exactly as you want them to treat your best customers."

- Stephen Covey

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