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Allow us to transform your next business event.

We provide seminars and workshops that address real business issues and will challenge and motivate your participants to work on their business, not just in their business. We provide them business wisdom and real solutions as well as proven tools and methodologies that are practical and immediate.

Our highly effective programs transform businesses from the inside out. We have a unique no-nonsense approach when presenting. Our programs are eye opening and powerful for every business owner. They will transform your audiences’ business and your event.

“Diana’s presentation was enlightening and encouraging...after hearing her speak at a local FALI meeting, we retained her services. Diana has been instrumental in the success of our own business, as revenues and client list have increased substantially as a direct result of her expertise. This lady knows what she’s doing!”

- Mark J. Murnan, CLI, CFE,
President, Complete Legal Investigations, Inc.

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We have several seminars/workshops for you to choose from and we will also customize our seminars and workshops to meet the needs of your audience. To learn more please call us at 678-583-0401 or e-mail us.

Seminars & Workshops:

Building A Solid Business Foundation

The Building A Solid Business Foundation seminar/workshop teaches business owners how to get their vision, mission, purpose and values on paper to provide them direction, give them focus, empower them when things are tough, help them make critical business decisions and have a solid foundation on which to build and operate their business. They will also identify the core of their business, which will allow them to focus on their strengths and become more profitable. Even though this seems easy, 90% of small business owners have not taken the time to do this work, therefore they react instead of being proactive.

3 P’s Of Business

The 3 P’s of Business seminar/workshop teaches business owners how to plan so they are proactive instead of reactive, and how to write policies and procedures that will protect their business and allow them to deliver a consistent work product and service. This gives them an internal structure that will increase profitability due to efficiency and productivity.

Perception Creates Reality®

The Perception Creates Reality® seminar/workshop teaches business owners how their business image and reputation is their most valuable asset. They will learn how to build, maintain, and protect a winning business image that will reap high dividends for their business. They will leave your event with an understanding of how their and others perceptions creates their business reality and how to identify these perceptions and manage them.

Winning The Sales Game

The Winning The Sales Game seminar/workshop teaches business owners how to create a winning sales presentation, properly pre-qualify their prospects, sell benefits instead of their work product or service and close the sale using proven closing methods. Your participants will leave your event not only understanding the game of sales but be able to apply what they have learned to increase their sales by 80%.

Marketing That Gets Results

The Marketing That Gets Results seminar/workshop teaches business owners how to develop a marketing message that speaks directly to their market, therefore providing results that increases their revenue. It also covers how to identify their “niche” market, why market research saves them time and money, and how to track their ROI. After this workshop, your participants will spend less on marketing but capture more of their market share.

Find Opportunities By Assessing Your Business

The Find Opportunities By Assessing Your Business seminar/workshop teaches business owners how to assess their business so they can learn their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. This knowledge gives them a clear picture of where they business really is and gives them direction to get where they are going. It also identifies where they need to improve, opportunities for growth and threats that could eventually put them out of business if not addressed. By assessing their business and making, the needed changes they will secure the future of their business.

Hiring the “Right” Employees

The Hiring the “Right” Employees seminar/workshop teaches business owners the importance and gives them the needed tools to hire the right employees. Many small business owners have not taken the time or know how to identify job qualifications; therefore, they do not even know what the “right” employee looks like, so they rarely hire the “right” person. This is more costly to their business then they realize. After this workshop your participants will be able to change their current hiring practices, hire the “right” people which will increase their productivity and their profitability.

Seminar / Workshop Fees:

Two-hour seminar/workshop - $3,500*
Three-hour seminar/workshop - $5,000*

Workbooks are optional - $7.00 per attendee

*Plus expenses. Discounts are available for multiple presentations conducted at the same event.


Reasonable travel expenses including airfare, ground transportation, lodging, and meal per diem are applicable for each event. Client must provide or bear expenses for all AV requirements.


50% down upon signing the contract including speaking fees, airfare (estimated), workbooks (if requested). Balance to be paid 14 days prior to event. Travel reconciliation balance to be reimbursed within 10 days of receiving invoice.


5% discount on speaking fees only if paid in full upon contract signing.

"Diana Garren spoke at the Texas Association of Licensed Investigator's Annual Conference in 2012, our Spring Conference in 2014, and will be back at our Annual Conference in 2014.  Our members raved about the added value they gained each time.  Diana brings real marketing knowledge and knows the private investigative industry as well as the markets we serve.  Each and every member of your association benefited from her honesty, enthusiasm and knowledge.  I highly recommend Diana Garren as a speaker and her company, True Perceptions, to those wanting to move their businesses to the next level."

    - Carol Tharp, TCI, President-Elect
Texas Association of Licensed Investigators

“It was at the 2012 International Conference of Investigative Associations (ICIA) conference in San Antonio, Texas that I attended the eight hour paid seminar that Ms. Garren taught. This seminar was packed with valuable information that I had never heard before, and I needed to take my business to the next level. It was money well spent! If you ever have the opportunity to attend Ms. Garren’s eight hour seminar, I highly recommend that you do.”

Claude Bookout
Founder/CEO/Chief Investigator
United International Investigations

“Diana is a sensational speaker! Her energy and enthusiasm is addictive. No business is too small or too large not to benefit from her practical, yet unique message. Whether the audience is comprised of young and eager entrepreneurs or seasoned business veterans, Diana is able to inspire and motivate. While challenging conventional wisdom and old school dogma, she reveals the essential secrets of developing and growing a thriving business in difficult economic times. I recommend her highly to any organization seeking a speaker that can excite an audience and provide lasting value.”

- Eugene F. Ferraro, CPP, CFE, PCI, CEO/Founder
Business Controls Inc., Colorado


“I met DIANA GARREN earlier this year when she presented in San Diego at the annual conference for the National Council of Investigation and Security Services. Diana has a thorough understanding of the process of marketing professional services plus the ability to communicate this often neglected but important business necessity in today’s economy. She understands the investigation business and the needs of those providing this service.

I was so impressed with Diana’s presentation, that as the Chairman of the Professional Private Investigators Association of Colorado (PPIAC), I invited her to speak at our annual conference in Estes Park, Colorado. She received an “excellent” rating on 97% of her evaluations from the attendees. One evaluation read “Awesome presentation – I will explore all options to afford hiring her – including selling my child and dogs. Diana is the real deal. I would recommend her services to anyone wishing to increase their business.”

-Joe H. Dickerson, CFE, CFI, President
Financial Forensic Services, LLC.


“Diana Garren spoke to the National Council of Investigation and Security Services at our Annual Conference in San Diego.  Our members walked away with many new ideas about how to succeed and increase business in the professional investigation field. People were taking notes and asking questions like we seldom see at most seminars. It was perfect for those getting started as well as those in the business for years. Several of us recommended her to the person organizing our state conference in Colorado, and we're pleased she will also speak there.”

- Bob Heales/President
R.A. Heales & Associates, Colorado


“What a marvelous presentation. You helped us elevate the level of our training in a most professional and articulate way. You told us what we needed to know—where we needed to go—and how to get there. I could not have made a better decision than to bring you in for the keynote presentation.”

-Dwight Clinton, President
Clinton Investigations, LLC
2009 Seminar Chair, (IAPI),Indiana


“Diana has the unique ability to get right to the point.  Her presentation allowed me to think of my business from other points-of-view, but just as important, allowed other attendees to open up and provide great feedback of how other private investigators have handled similar situations.  In my business, information sources are critical.  True Perceptions provided a critical component in understanding my business better, and where I needed to improve.”

-Gary S. Brummond, LPI
Rod Blythe Investigations, California


“For those of you attending the NCISS conference next week be sure to check out Diana Garren of True Perceptions presentation on Building a PI business. I have personally been working with her since this past December and highly recommend her. She has been instrumental in assisting me with our business and has helped me make fundamental changes that I truly believe are going to benefit our company. She opened my eyes about the business side of the PI business and has totally transformed the way I operate the business side of our business. She does not use a cookie cutter approach, but instead works along side you in developing your business in the direction you wish to pursue. She is a truly amazing woman and you can most certainly benefit from her presentation.”

- Stacy Flores, B.S., M.S. / Principle
Advantage Investigations, Texas


“As Director of Area 10 of FALI I can testify to the power of Diana Garren’s presentations on the importance of business image having, heard her speak at an area meeting and also as a keynote speaker at our conference last May. Diana has strong connections to the Private Investigations market having acted as a consultant for several investigators. I have no hesitation in recommending Diana and her company True Perceptions to anyone for the future."

- T.E.Walling LPI CPCS,
Area Director Area 10 of
Florida Association of Licensed Investigators


“I had the great opportunity to hear Ms. Garren's presentation at the Florida Association of Licensed Investigators (FALI) in Orlando Florida . The program was well structured and I think hearing it is a must for anyone at any point where your business is taking the next step. She does a fantastic job at getting you to think about the really important stuff.”

-Johnnie Huneycutt CFE, CPP, Sr. Corporate Investigator TECO Energy Inc.


“Diana is terrific! I attended one of her seminars and left with information I could implement into my business right away. She truly understands the Private Investigation industry.”

- Carrie Kerskie, Marcone Investigations, Inc.


"Truly nourishment for the hungry entrepreneur…."

- Scarlet Pressley-Brown, Manager, Community Affairs Delta Airlines

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